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Every minute you spend thinking could mean another lost customer. You may not realize the importance of a high ranking in Google, but after we have you on the first page, you'll soon realize the difference!

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and in Canada, over a third of all web users have Google as their homepage, and two thirds of all web users cite it as their primary source of information. As a result, a good ranking on Google is essential in getting your clinic noticed and ensuring that you're getting the most from your website. With countless physiotherapy clinics out there, a good Google ranking is essential.

That's where we come in. As search engine optimization (SEO) experts, Physio123 have the experience and the expertise to ensure your website is seen by potential clients.


Physiotherapy SEO starts with building a site that's user-friendly, easily navigable and coded to ensure that Google and the other search engines can see your site and all its content. Physio123 know exactly what is needed to ensure you rank above the competition, and we work hard to ensure that your physiotherapy website gets there quickly.

When it comes to the technicalities – while we don't want to give too much information away, our success comes from using tried and tested techniques which are ethical and beneficial to your rankings. In the world of SEO there are many different techniques to get you to the top; we get you there in a way that ensures your website doesn't only get there quickly, but that it stays there for longer.

By optimizing your physiotherapy website for Google, you gain a huge benefit over the competition and as such your practice gains clients and your business becomes stronger.

Do you need your physiotherapy website Google optimized?

If you're looking for help in getting to the top of Google, then a Physio123 website is perhaps the most affordable way for you to get your practice noticed quickly. If you need a new website, we have a range of our packages which cater to all sizes of business. On the other hand, if you have an existing website, Physio123 offer a range of search engine marketing services that can transform your rankings and generate you new business.

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