Statistic Analysis

We include statistics analysis with all of our packages, as it's an essential part of search engine optimization, ensuring that your website is doing exactly what it's supposed to.

Statistic analysis Looking at web stats is a key part of maintaining your website and ensuring that visitors are using it as intended. Physio123 know only too well the importance of web analysis as it allows us to see exactly where people are coming from, where they're going and most importantly, it lets us monitor the 'conversion funnel' which is the journey a visitor takes from visiting your homepage to making a booking.

We use a variety of tools and software to ensure that we know in real time where your visitors are, what they're doing and we use this information in a number of ways. Using web stats allows us to know the following:
  • How much traffic do you receive each day?
  • When do you receive the most traffic?
  • What are visitors looking for when they find your website?
  • How much time do they spend on your pages?
  • How long do they remain at your site?
  • What country do visitors come from?
  • What search engine referred them?
Regular analysis of your web statistics means we can answer these questions quickly, which in turn lets us monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion and plan for the future. Analyzing web stats allows us to answer the following:
  • What are your most popular keywords?
  • Do we need to alter our marketing strategy?
  • Is your site functioning correctly?
  • Are we spending your marketing budget correctly?
  • What percentage of visitors to your site will make a booking or enquiry?
Web stats allows us to constantly change and monitor your marketing campaigns ensuring that we're always attracting customers, generating bookings and making you money. At the same time, it lets us make changes automatically so that we can keep ahead of the competition and keep you at the top of the search engines.

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