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Answering calls

When it come to answering the phone, it should be a priority for any business, however as a physiotherapist, it's not always convenient to answer the phone as you may be out on a call or busy with a physiotherapy session. When this happens there's only really one alternative other than hiring a receptionist and that's the use of voicemail.

While voicemail is less than ideal, it is possible to make voicemail work for you.

When the patient first calls you he could be looking for advice, to book an appointment or to simply enquire about your services. As a result, if he or she hears a voicemail message, they're not going to receive an answer to any of those problems.

This is why the importance of having someone to answer the phone can't be underestimated.

However, at Physio123 we know that it's not always possible to be available 24 hours a day. When it's not practical to answer the phone, voicemail while not optimal can be used. The secret however, is in knowing exactly what to say.

Take a look at some of our tips:

Try to keep you voicemail messages concise. A good voicemail greeting is around 20 seconds and in that time you don't need to waste time telling them you're away, because they know that already! Instead take the time to do the following
  1. Introduce your business
  2. Tell them when you'll be able to call them back
  3. Give them your website address (it might answer their question)
  4. Let them know how to reach you if it's an emergency
It doesn't seem like a lot of information, but squeezing it down into a 30 second blast is always easier said than done. The best way to do it is to write your message down, rehearse it and then practice it in front of a mirror.

How much do I charge?
Branding your practice

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