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Benefits of private practice

Create new challenges

Working for someone else can be fun and rewarding, but after a while it has to be said that things get a bit monotonous and boring. If you're finding yourself getting those feelings of boredom and that nothing's ever really changing, then perhaps private practice is for you.

The thrill of starting a new business is a great way to get your creative juices flowing as you have the say in everything. Creating a private physiotherapy practice gives you a new challenge and as time goes on you'll find that you're no longer just a physiotherapist but sales person, manager, receptionist, accountant and you'll develop a whole new skill-set!

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Discover hidden strengths

One of the great things about going into private practice is that you're going to be growing as a business a physiotherapist and also a person. No longer will you have a help-line available in the form of a colleague just down the corridor. Instead, when a problem arises YOU are going to be the one that has to deal with it. That's perhaps both a blessing and a curse, but one thing's for sure, that you'll certainly learn quickly and you may even discover that you have hidden strengths.

As business owner, you'll no longer just be treating patients, but managing the whole practice. While there are many new responsibilities, for many creating their own private practice is a realization of a dream and while it may be infinitely more intense than simply working for the health care sector, the fact is that you'll discover more about yourself than you ever otherwise would.

Be your own boss

For many, the journey into private practice is seen as a way to step back from work and start to enjoy life a little more. By stepping into private practice, you instantly become your own boss meaning that you get to decide when you work, and make all the ground rules. With a website from Physio123, you simply let us do the marketing while you deal with the referrals.

The great thing about being your own boss is that you get to choose your own holidays and earn your own salary. While it's true that there'll be no more paid holidays, the fact is that as your own boss, it doesn't really matter. The days of feeling powerless because of the 'system' are over. When you start your private practice – you ARE the system.

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Enjoy more work-based satisfaction

Many people start a career in physiotherapy because they really want to help people. It's a dream that many people share and by moving into private practice, you create a service that can truly change people's lives.

Private physiotherapy gives you the chance to build a business that's truly committed towards helping people and while it's true you're running a business – ultimately the sense of satisfaction when you know that they're YOUR customers that keep coming back, make opening a private practice a great deal more satisfying and rewarding than you might think.

Create a flexible work schedule

A reason many people like to go into private practice is the fact that they may no longer be able to work typical hours. Alternatively, you may want to work additional hours and see private patients in your own time, and going into private practice gives you the power to make schedules and see patients whenever you want. Whether you're looking to spend more time with the kids or to simply slow down your work schedule, private practice gives you the chance to make your own rules about when you work.

Build a reputation for yourself

One of the great reasons that many people go into private practice is that they feel like they really want to make a difference. There's nothing quite like building a reputation and seeing people keep coming back to your physiotherapy practice.

Becoming a well respected physiotherapist is one thing, but running a well respected physiotherapy practice is a great deal more rewarding and beneficial not only financially, but emotionally too.

There are countless reasons why people choose to go into private practice, and chances you may have different reasons altogether. The fact is that going into private practice is for many a big step forward in their career.

Building a business is no easy feat, but the fact is that the enjoyment, rewards and flexibility that come from creating your own private practice really are second to none.

Thinking of private practice?
Setting up a practice?

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