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Business premises

Finding the right place for your private practice is an essential choice in ensuring that your physiotherapy practice is successful. You want to be able to find somewhere that ensures you can work effectively, but you also need to be considerate of a budget and ensure that you can meet the costs.

Depending on your specific needs, there are different options. From working at home to working as a partner and hiring a treatment room are all options which can be considered, and for larger practitioners, often renting or buying a store is the only option.

The benefits from working at home

If you operate alone, then working from home is an option if you have a property that's big enough for you, your family and your clients. It may be a great deal more affordable than having to rent commercial premises and it's a common choice for people moving into private practice for the first time.

While it's a great idea for many, there are some hidden factors that must be considered.
  • Your home may not be suitable.
  • It may be expensive to redecorate.
  • It may violate your rental agreement.
  • It may affect your neighbors
  • It doesn't leave you much room for growth in the future
The benefits from working on the move

Today, it's possible to work as a mobile physiotherapist in many areas and the benefits of creating your own mobile service are that you can save on most of the expenses. With a mobile physiotherapy practice all you need is the equipment, a vehicle and the confidence to work in someone else's home.

With a mobile practice, there are many cost savings to be had with a mobile physiotherapy practice and with the fact that you can work just about anywhere; the sky really is your limit. Combined with the fact that your patients appreciate being treated at home Ė the only drawbacks are that it's usually a more expensive service for your patients, as you need to take into consideration the cost of gas and vehicle usage.

Renting a room at a treatment center

Many treatment centers and even some physiotherapy practices offer rooms for rent and it can be a great way to save money. With just a 'room' you simply pay for the time occupied which means that you can operate at a treatment center much like as if you were working from home, or on the move. It's a great way to test the waters and see if there is a market for your service in the local area.

Opening your own physiotherapy clinic

If you want to go into full-scale business and perhaps offer a combined service with more than one physiotherapist, then opening a physiotherapy clinic gives you a dedicated place to practice physiotherapy and a central location for your patients. This gives a great deal more flexibility and also professionalism. While it's favorable for many, it's also the most expensive option.

Want your physiotherapy website redesigned?
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