We Manage

At Physio123 we provide more than just websites. Our goal is to help you manage your online presence so that you don't need to worry about anything.

With your focus on treating patients, we'll concentrate on managing your website and your online marketing, taking care of the technical stuff so you don't have to. From updates to backups and stats analysis to creating e-mail accounts, we aim to ensure that everything's taken care of.

Website updates

Ensuring your website is regularly updated is the least we can do. From simple updates to your contact information which are free of charge, to more complicated overhauls, all you need to do is to send us an e-mail and we'll get on it straight away.

Successful Adwords

Physio123 are passionate about online marketing and promotion. Adwords allow us to generate immediate results for your practice.

Search engine optimisation

Physio123 use search engine marketing to promote your therapy practice online to achieve a higher visibility in the search engine listings. This will provide you with more new patients.

Social media

Let Physio123 take care of your social media profiles and keep you in touch with a growing audience.


At Physio123 we know that image is important. Your business's image, and specifically your logo, will have much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business.


An essential part of owning a website is taking care of hosting. At Physio123 all our sites come with business grade hosting which ensures that nothing at all can happen to your site.

Email / Webmail

With e-mail accounts included in all our offerings, we let you access your e-mail using webmail and a browser, a POP3 email client or alternatively your mobile device. Your e-mails important, and as a result we want to make sure you an access it anywhere, any time.

Support & Maintenance

Support is available to all our clients. We won't bore you with technicalities either! No matter what your question or no matter how stupid you think it is – we're here to answer them and we're always available.

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