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At Physio123 we want to start work straight away marketing and promoting your website. With Adwords, we can help your physiotherapy practice start enjoying immediate results.

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What is Adwords?

Adwords is one of the most effective forms of online marketing as it takes advantage the power of the Internet and lets us effectively buy Ad space at the top of Google, on some social networking sites and also countless other websites. The great thing about Adwords is that marketing campaigns can be closely targeted based on a number of factors. Physio123 are able to create highly effective ads which appear to your local market, helping boost traffic and bring you patients.

All of our website packages include Adwords campaign management as we believe it's an invaluable tool to help you get more customers today.

This means Physio123 will create a highly targeted online Adwords campaign that's going to start generating you results. Our team will research your local market, keywords and once we know exactly how to attract the most customers, we'll launch the campaign and you can expect results almost immediately.

Unlike other forms of SEO and traditional methods of marketing, Adwords is a real-time form of marketing. This means that you get results straight away, 24 hours a day. The way Adwords works is you simply pay for the 'clicks' you receive and as a result there's no wasted money and with our help you get a campaign that's going to maximize on valuable clicks and minimize on timewasters.

Take a look at the packages we offer:

To further maximize referrals, you are able to increase the amount you spend on your adwords budget.

If you do not have one of our website packages, but would like Physio123 to create & manage your adwords campaign, please see our Adwords package.

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